“Kalyn is a very warm, non judgmental and experienced coach. She helped me heal and grow as a person. Thank you so much, Kalyn. I find it difficult to put in words just how grateful I am for you showing me what is possible in my life and my choices.” – Phyllis

“The ‘Courage’ book study was a remarkable process. Kalyn expertly lead our group through the courage process as we began to open up, become aware, and reinterpret our life processes, our ways of being in the world. Looking at how we can claim our part in the drama of our lives, how we can find the gifts in the themed experiences that we meet again and again, how to navigate a new and courageous way forward are just some of the jewels that I came away with from this experience with Kalyn.” – Suzanne

“Before doing this work, having been through an extended period of tremendous loss, grief and personal challenges, I was lost. I’ve experienced a 100% turnaround. I’ve shifted from a place of having lost hope and nearly given up, to being fully engaged in life, reaching out and connecting with the world with authenticity and joy. I’ve released the burden of my past and am ready to embrace life and all that it holds.”  – B.K.

“You are truly a gift in every way. You are smart, intuitive, and demonstrate such great empathy. You are also strong, focused and direct. Easy to list these qualities, but much harder for one person to possess them and use them all so wisely and generously. Recognizing and confronting the obstacles that hold us back in life can be frightening and destabilizing. Your dedication and skill help one to navigate these obstacles and to positively move on to resolution. I emerged energized and inspired by your guidance.” – R.L.